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sandy cooper

Sandy Cooper

Sandy Cooper is one of the single most hardworking and passionate people at Canyon. Her career started 20 years ago in sales, where she would meet (compete against) her future husband Steve. Together, they opened several restaurants in Orange County, and today own one of the busiest and most successful independent restaurants in OC. When the opportunity arose, Sandy jumped on creating Canyon Catering. Eight years later, Canyon is now a brand recognized by the community.
Sandy was instrumental in finding Canyon’s new headquarters, a 15,000-square-foot building, which will give Canyon the ability to buy the best products and create incredible events for our customers. When asked about the key to Canyon’s success, Sandy states it has to do with the unique and talented team of individuals who are empowered to do what they do best.
steve cooper

Steve Cooper

Over the past twenty years, Steve Cooper has owned and operated several successful restaurants around Southern California. Steve has been influential in creating the Canyon Catering environment. Steve’s motto for success is simple: treat his employees like family and instill in them the ability to create and believe in themselves. Steve is well liked, respected and has created an environment that allows his employees to feel empowered and to be a part of something. It’s no wonder there’s a line out the door of people wanting to join Canyon.

stephen cameron

Stephen Cameron

General Manager
Canyon’s resident Englishman Stephen Cameron is all business. Born near Liverpool, he worked all over Great Britain in various five star hotels until coming to the States in 2002. Stephen’s the conduit between each department of the company, overseeing the infrastructure and keeping us all in line. It may be the accent, but his charm and attitude make him one of the most well respected individuals not only at Canyon, but the local catering industry.
marlin salazar

Marlin Salazar

Executive Chef
For Executive Chef Marlin, presentation is everything. Hailing from East LA, he’s a natural talent, learning on the go since he started cooking on a whim only seven years ago! Since Marlin’s first day at Canyon, he’s brought a tenacious attitude as well as his natural out-of-the-box way of working and creating. From bar food to high end catering, he’s done a lot with himself these past seven years. He’s not just our brand new Executive Chef, however, he’s also our resident food stylist and photographer, putting all our Instagram accounts to shame.
Krystle Hosokawa

Krystle Hosokawa

Sous Chef
Krystle has been working in catering kitchens for the past several years. Before finding Canyon, Krystle was a lead off-site chef for one of the largest catering companies in Orange County. Upon joining the Canyon family, Krystle has found her place as one of the fundamental leaders, continuously implementing Canyon’s processes and procedures with executive chef Marlin Salazar.
mark anthony

Mark Anthony

Operations Manager
Mark joined the Canyon family in 2013. His experience within all aspects of the industry made him an instant asset to Canyon Catering. As head of our operations department, it’s Mark’s job to make sure all of our trucks are packed and drivers are scheduled. His great attitude and work ethic are just two of the reasons he has earned the respect and adoration from his peers.
christina cooper

Christina Cooper

Director of Marketing
Christina literally grew up in the industry. She started working in her dad’s restaurant when she was just 12 (she’s only been fired once) and has been a part of Canyon Catering since it started. After getting a degree in business and government from University of Redlands, she joined the Canyon team full-time. When she’s not planning parties or updating our website, she’s probably planning her honeymoon at Comic-Con or arguing the validity of Marvel versus DC Comics.
mariah stinson

Mariah Stinson

Personnel Director
Mariah joined the Canyon family earlier this year, bringing along Pepper Jack and Ratatouille (her pet fish and Frog). Mariah is our personnel manager and staffer, overseer of all office activities. Her least favorite part of her job is when servers call out day off! In her free time, Mariah can be found hanging out with her horse, Princess.